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Frequently Asked Safety Questions

Does placing the infant carrier on top of the shopping cart make it top heavy?

NO - It absolutely does not make the shopping cart top heavy. You may have seen infant seats or docking stations installed on the top of shopping carts in various retailers around the world. These devices have been available for several years and are deemed safe by the retailer’s insurance carrier. If they caused injuries or lawsuits, they would have been removed immediately. Unfortunately, these devices are not readily available at every retailer and children are being injured or near miss incidents are occurring every day.  That is why KartStraps were invented.

Does placing the infant carrier on top of the shopping cart damage the locking mechanism that secures the seat into its base?

KartStraps secure the carrier in place so the locking mechanism never even touches or "clicks" to any part of the shopping cart. 

 Why do shopping carts have warning labels about placing car seats on top?  

Prior to the invention of KartStraps in 2017, the shopping cart companies and retailers had no choice but to place a warning on carts without a docking station.  Walmart operates over 11,700 retail stores under 65 banners in 28 countries and is the largest retailer in the world. They have docking stations on some of their carts but obviously keep the warning pictogram on carts that don’t have docking stations for child safety. Placing an infant carrier in a docking station at the top of the cart is completely safe and will explain that to anyone who calls 1-800-WALMART.  KartStraps now makes every shopping cart safe to place an infant carrier on top of the cart.

Why do car seat manuals warn against car seats on top of shopping carts?  

That is a standard recommendation because car seat manufacturers have not and will not personally test attaching their car seats to shopping carts. They also cannot endorse any third-party product that is not tested in their facility. Parents have been using KartStraps to secure their children without any incidents.   

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This is a fantastic product, works great for keeping the carseat securely fastened to the shopping cart, and it gives me additional peace of mind knowing that it also would make it very difficult for someone to try to take off with my baby!! This is a must-have product, especially for shopping in bigger towns/cities.

Amana Kleinow

Finally I don’t have to feel bad about letting my daughters carrier be up on the top part of the shopping cart! She hates to be in the lower area and it takes up ample product space!

These are easy to install and once you have them on, you don’t have to take them off of the car seat! So grateful for these!

Kayla Ulfig

I love my KartStrap!!! Im a mother of 4. 3 of them being 3 and under. That being said trips to the store are hectic to say the least. I love that KartStrap helps give me some piece of mind with securing my 6 month olds seat to the cart where ever it is. Best thing ever!!!! Wish I had it when my others were little too!!!!

Jade Fruth

It's such a strange day for me, I normally don't put the carseat up on the seat of the cart, but, today with the funky cart I was pushing, I had no other choice. SO glad I ran into Abi Kane Robinson today who showed me and even gave me her KartStrap. Such a life saver! Where were you guys 5 years ago? Lol. Now I don't have to worry about my 4 year old accidently knocking off his brother since he likes to zoom off with the cart. PLUS no more hauling TWO shopping carts around like a maniac. Total life changer! I feel so comfortable how secure my baby is. Definitely highly recommended. Good job :) and God bless

Courtney Nicole